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Conference proceedings 2024

Information and Communication Complexity
31st International Colloquium, SIROCCO 2024
Vietri sul Mare, Italy, May 27-29, 2024

Yuval Emek in Lecture Notes in Computer Science


SIROCCO is devoted to the study of the interplay between structural knowledge, communication, and computing in decentralized systems of multiple communicating entities. Special emphasis is given to innovative approaches leading to a better understanding of the relationship between computing and communication.

SIROCCO has a tradition of interesting and productive scientific meetings in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, attracting leading researchers in a variety of fields in which communication and knowledge play a significant role. Previous SIROCCO proceedings can be found here.


SIROCCO 2024 will take place in the enchanting setting of Vietri on the Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offering a unique experience that blends academic excellence with the beauty of the surroundings: breathtaking landscapes, dramatic cliffs, and rich cultural heritage. SIROCCO 2024 is pleased to work towards a special arrangement with the Lloyd's Baia Hotel for participants who wish to extend their stay in the area.

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